Electronic circuit 3D PIC-ServoSeveral members of the Ingenyo team have been actively involvedx in the development of CAFE High Resolution Spectrograph installed in the Centro Astronómico Hispano-Alemán (CAHA-A.I.E), being responsible for the design and implementation of the electronic control system of the astronomical instrument. This includes:

  • The control of movement of various elements based on PIC-SERVO controllers that have been integrated in the system by electronic interface boards designed and manufactured by our team members. One of these interface boards is able to accomodate up to three PIC-SERVO modules.
  • Installation of a network of sensors for the detection of the amount of light emmited by comparison lamps and the measurement of the instrument environmental conditions.
  • Development of software libraries for the integration of the electronic control system in the CAFE instrument control application, as well as a diagnostic software tool running on a tablet with Android  operating system.


CAFE Optical bench

sappcThis project is called SAPPC for its acronym in Spanish: Pedestrian Crossing Presence Warning System and is a prototype for advising when a pedestrian is crossing a crosswalk (usually without traffic light) . This system consists in two totems with lights that flash when the pedestrian is crossing the road. The enterprising and inventors of this system are Estrella Carraco y Pedro Olivares, and they ask to Ingenyo to design and develop the complete electronic sub-system: pedestrian ultrasonic detection, radio communication between both totems, lighting, solar cell, battery and charger. This project can work in areas without external power, and is environmental friendly.

soilmoisture tester11In the south-east of Spain, Almería has become what is commonly known as "the Europe’s orchard”. For this reason the intensive greenhouse agriculture is the main income of this area.This makes this sector in constant innovation. There are quite a few electronic control and monitoring companies for agriculture here, our client Atenix is one of these. Atenix contacted us for a very specific development, a combined design of firmware and hardware to make a driver between two hardware communication protocol. First of both, it is a very specific protocol for agriculture magnitud sensors, that is the SDI-12 protocol, the second one is the international standard and widely used RS485.

Truck tread tyre 3D scan imageIn collaboration with our partner Ymaq Soluciones Industriales, Ingenyo set up a machine that 3D laser scaning the truck tread tyres. The client of this project was the French mutinacional enterprise Michelin, that has its biggest research and development center in Almería (Michelin chose Almería to place its R&D center due to the specially adapted weather of this province )

ChaDeMo is the Japanese acronym of “Take a tea during your electric car is charging”. Chademo is a standard of DC charging and communication for electric cars and their EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). This standard is supported by cars manufacturers internationally known like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc.. Ingenyo, developed for Repsol, through it R&D Center a  prototype of a electronic system able to monitor the different states of charge and sniffing the comunication.

chademo box interface conn chademo ev conn

relays box batteries checkerOne more time, and after Chademo project was finished for Repsol, this multinational trust in Ingenyo for a project with very defined and strict requirements. In this case, the system is composed by special relays used in the charging process of electric vehicles. The project was developed in a close collaboration with the client, and thinking all the time in offer the best solution.

Combo 2 ConnectorThis project was required by a client to study the suitability of using an EVACharge SE board to monitor the communication between an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and an Electric Vehicle (EV) based on standard ISO/IEC 15118 with Combo 2 connections. The final purpose of this study was to evaluate th charge and performance characteristics of the new generation of EVSEs based on standard ISO/IEC 15118. As result of this study, a report was provided summarizing the different alternatives to implement a monitoring system using EVACharge SE board indicating the advantages and disadvantages for each alternative, performing a test battery on a real system and analyzing the results to extract the conclusions regarding to the suitability of using EVACharge SE boards as monitoring system of the communication.