Electronic circuit 3D PIC-ServoSeveral members of the Ingenyo team have been actively involvedx in the development of CAFE High Resolution Spectrograph installed in the Centro Astronómico Hispano-Alemán (CAHA-A.I.E), being responsible for the design and implementation of the electronic control system of the astronomical instrument. This includes:

  • The control of movement of various elements based on PIC-SERVO controllers that have been integrated in the system by electronic interface boards designed and manufactured by our team members. One of these interface boards is able to accomodate up to three PIC-SERVO modules.
  • Installation of a network of sensors for the detection of the amount of light emmited by comparison lamps and the measurement of the instrument environmental conditions.
  • Development of software libraries for the integration of the electronic control system in the CAFE instrument control application, as well as a diagnostic software tool running on a tablet with Android  operating system.


CAFE Optical bench